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Jim Murphy is a renowned leadership development professional working as a CEO, Professor, and leadership coach for over 30 years in many industries. He approached IMS back in November of 2023 looking for help developing a website for his new consulting and mentoring business, teaching others how to effectively run and manage a team of professionals. With Jim's extensive experience and credibility in the industry he wanted his website to convey a certain level of quality and exceptional design. Luckily, Jim came to the right Web Design Agency when requesting this. The website IMs designed is simple, to the point, yet elegant enough to catch any individuals eye and cause heads to turn!

Boosted website traffic and enhanced visibility attracting 45% of traffic from Organic Search Results.

Increased customer engagement and return customers by over 22% of total customer base and 1/5 of total sales.

The market entry process was made easier by a thorough brand analysis and research targeting the right keywords.

Advanced web design and layout helped increase the overall UX and generate over 110k listing views on Google.

Preston was great. Fast communication during the whole process as well as after the project was completed. We moved our old site from godaddy to Shopify and helped integrate new ideas and systems to help our business.
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Sam Skaling
Owner of HRS

Established an online presence for an industry that needs more recognition & support

Murphy Leadership Consulting (MLC) started in 2023 without direction on how to fully establish themselves and promote a service in a high-class and underserved industry. Without a proper website that conveyed the level of professionalism, and growth that their services provide, Jim (CEO) was worried that when pushing the website to proper clients, they may be less inclined to book with him.

As part of the build, Jim had a Freelance Graphic Designer develop a beautiful logo for him and as part of the website build, Impact Marketing, took the vision the Logo Designer had and was able to envelope the website to work in sync with the final logo concept so that all branding elements worked perfectly together. 

After finalizing the website, and walking Jim through every step of the process and revisions, Impact Marketing Solutions was able to capitalize on the exact vision and expertise that the client (MLC) was hoping the outcome would be. Now, Jim has a prosperous website that stands out from his competitors in the space and something he is proud to present to potential clients.

Comprehensive Market Research

Did extensive research into the leadership consulting industry in order to better understand the level of clientele that MLC would be working with and how best to layout and design the website.

SEO Strategy

Provided a basic SEO structure to the website with a basis on keyword optimization in a few areas of the website and data to backup those optimizations.

Sales Funnel Optimization

Optimized the booking process within the website so that no matter what page the customer visited, there was a way for them to reach out to MLC and receive a proposal or consultation seamlessly.

Method to the creativity

Discover how we transform your ideas into digital solutions through our efficient work process.

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