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In July of 2023, Brett purchased Lone Rock Concepts, with a vision to grow this amazing product and showcase why more people need a proper water adapter kit when overlanding or venturing outdoors. After doing so, Impact Marketing assisted him with developing a new Logo for the business and branding concepts that made sense for the niche the business was in. Once branding and identity were established, we got to work on designing a proper website for the business on Shopify, thanks to its user friendliness, and customization options it allows. When doing so, we were able to fully develop a business that is able to compete with big-box chains, and gain footing in an industry and market that is otherwise, untapped. Thanks to the enhanced online presence of the website and Google Business Page, Brett decided to move forward with some advertising of his new products on social media which in-turn delivered an almost 10x return on his ad spend in only TWO MARKETING CAMPAIGNS.

Develop a stronger online presence through customized web design and branding solutions

Increased customer retention and experience by over 1,000 visitors per month and establishing recognition

The market entry process was made easier by a thorough branding strategy and marketing strategy that fit the business

Developed a positive ROAs of almost 10x in only 2 advertising campaigns after optimizing and understanding customer base

Created a marketing channel that boosted revenue by 150%.

Establishing an online presence and building out a fully optimized and tailored website for your business is a fantastic feeling but what do you do when you don't have solid traffic being driven to your website due to the unique product or service you offer? Brett had this same issue back in October of this year and after we got his website and branding finalized, he needed help pushing out some digital ads for his business, targeting the proper group of customers and optimizing his ad spend budget to get the most return back from what we were spending.
After only two, full advertising campaigns, we were able to optimize the ads to the proper group of customers and provide a 10x return on his investment in only 2-weeks time thanks to proper targeting methods and a cool product to showcase!

Preston at Impact marketing solutions is the best marketing agent I have ever worked with. I have built numerous businesses and websites and I have never dealt with some one who executed exactly as we discussed if not better. Clear communication, on time delivery, and best price. Highly recommend!
Brett Bond

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