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Sam approached IMS back in early Jeanuary of 2023 needing some help with moving his website from GoDaddy over to a more user friendly and advanced web platform. We discussed multiple options and ended up going with Shopify as the preferred platform due to its user friendliness and ability to build out a more defined website from his previous one. Home Roasting Supplies started back in 1996 and has become the leading "at home coffee bean roasting machine" business in the US, being a top-seller on Amazon and recently being placed into Walmart's online shopping experience. After the website was built, Sam approached IMS with questions on how best to market his product directly through his website instead of solely relying on partner platforms. We discussed multiple strategies and decided SEO would be his most cost efficient and long-term option. Since implementing SEO onto his website in April of 2023, his business has gone from the last page of Google for certain keywords, to being in the top 5 listings for high-volume keywords in his industry in only 6 months. This also improved HRS' online orders and customer retention including thousands of returning customers and an increase in conversions.

Boosted website traffic and enhanced visibility attracting 45% of traffic from Organic Search Results.

Increased customer engagement and return customers by over 22% of total customer base and 1/5 of total sales.

The market entry process was made easier by a thorough brand analysis and research targeting the right keywords.

Advanced web design and layout helped increase the overall UX and generate over 110k listing views on Google.

Preston was great. Fast communication during the whole process as well as after the project was completed. We moved our old site from godaddy to Shopify and helped integrate new ideas and systems to help our business.
Home Roasting Supplies
Sam Skaling
Owner of HRS

Increased monthly website impressions by over 225%

After delivering the end result for a more strategized and enhanced web design, Home Roasting Supplies and IMS developed a plan to improve the businesses already substantial web presence by implementing an advanced SEO strategy in order to optimize this presence and improve traffic.

Though the business already has a long-standing success in the Coffee roasting community, we were able to increase the monthly impressions of the business on Google from only 400, to over 1,100 per month in only a mere 6-months time. This ultimately lead to a higher conversion and checkout rate from the consumer and helped increase overall experience of the businesses online presence.

During this time, we were able to move high-authority and tough-to-rank keywords from page 50 on Google up to the first page of Google, including getting ranked in the top 3 spots of Google for about 20 keywords. Each month is a continual improvement and 

Comprehensive Market Research

Delved deep into understanding the coffee roasting business and the community that follows it in order to accurately target specific keywords that make sense for the business.

SEO Strategy

Improved Home Roasting Supplies search engine visibility through targeted SEO strategies, driving more organic traffic to their website and increasing conversions.

Sales Funnel Optimization

Improved the checkout and order process to deliver a better user experience in order to lead to higher conversion rates and sales optimization since the new website went live.

Performance Analytics

Monitored and analyzed key performance metrics to continually optimize HRS' digital presence and continue to increase monthly visitors based on the strategy in place.

Method to the creativity

Discover how we transform your ideas into digital solutions through our efficient work process.

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